Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get Ready Superbowl 43 Is Coming Get Your Vacation Rental Now

It is hard to believe that the Superbowl is coming back to Tampa, FL in just a couple of weeks. We are down to 4 teams: Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Arizona Cardinals & Philadelpha Eagles. Will McNabb be able to get to his second Superbowl where his record currently is 0-1? Could Warner pull yet another miracle in Arizona and take the Cardinals to their first Superbowl ever? The winner of the NFC will face either the #1 or #2 ranked defense in the NFL from the AFC championship? Big Ben vs. Ray Lewis ='s Hogan vs. Andre in Wrestlemania III.

When your team wins and needs accomodations for Superbowl 43 make sure to use this handy link to find the best discount deal on a vacation rental in Tampa, FL area. These vacation rentals are fully furnished to a high standard and come complete with screened in pools and two car garages. All you need is to make sure that your down here to support your team in these Superbowl 43 vacation rentals!

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