Saturday, October 30, 2010

Alices Wonderland

JUST ADDED... FOUR POSTER RAIL BED WITH A SLEEP NUMBER MATTRESS (ADDED SLEEPING COMFORT). ADJUST YOUR MATTRESS INDIVIDUALLY. EVER STAYED IN A VACATION HOME BEFORE AND WERE DISSATISFIED WITH THE QUALITY OF THE BED? TRY THIS ONE.... ENJOY THE NEW ALICE IN WONDERLAND ROOM, OLD ALICE MEETS NEW ALICE Welcome to Wonderland, a house so unique, you may feel you're dreaming in this "fully loaded" home. Situated on Indian Ridge Oaks, 4 with its own private pool and hot tub, which overlooks the Mystic Dunes golf course. This Kissimmee area pool home is so peaceful,with great views and sunshine most of the day, and at nighttime you will enjoy the colored lights in the pool! Make sure and check out the photos! Call (407) 494-2154 to inquire!

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